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Window Security Screens, Window Boarding Service

We are a nationwide company specialising in empty property protection for the supply of metal window security screens (SITEX screens) and window security. The window security systems are available for hire and sale. We can provide a quotation anywhere in the UK from houses to office blocks, and provide this security service for local authorities and government agencies.

We can provide empty property protection and window security on sites throughout the UK.

We offer temporary steel screens (also known as sitex screens), permanent sacrificial steel screening, polymer clear screening and window boarding up services (for listed buildings, as an example).

Our temporary steel window screens are coated to prevent rusting. The window protection features an anti-hacksaw, anti-crowbar design that still allows natural light and does no damage to window and door openings.

Our permanent sacrificial steel screening is designed to be demolished with the property. It is welded and secured into place using hardened steel bolts and keeps out intruders during the vulnerable time before property demolition.

We provide unobtrusive polymer clear screening that is resistant to attack, yet is difficult to spot and maintains the street scene and does not damage window frames. Our wooden window boarding and boarding-up services can be used where, for example, listed buildings must not be damaged before being refurbished at a later date.

Please contact us if you have any queries about the following:

  • temporary steel window screens and window security
  • sitex screens
  • permanent steel window protection
  • unobtrusive window protection
  • window protection where care is needed for listed buildings
  • window boarding and boarding-up services

Protecting vacant sites is our business and we know it well.


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