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Temporary Concrete Barriers, Concrete Security Barriers, Roadside Safety, Sussex UK

If you experience problems with the misuse of vacant land or industrial units such as fly tipping or invasion by travellers/gypsies then concrete safety barriers could be the solution. Also known as delta blocks and concrete blockades, our temporary concrete barriers can be used to secure sites throughout the UK and prevent unauthorised access to remote or unguarded premises and land.

We cover the entire UK with premises in Leeds covering Lancashire, Yorkshire and the North, Crawley covering counties in the south such as Sussex and Surrey, Birmingham covering the Midlands and Wales and Nottingham servicing Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire and the East. A countrywide service for the supply of concrete barriers.

We can secure sites throughout the UK.

We offer temporary or permanent installation of concrete safety barriers and TVCB's (Temporary Vertical Concrete Barrier) on purchase or a long term and short term hire basis.

We work with the City of London Police and are approved highway agency installers of concrete roadside safety barriers on the highway or roadside. We are also LANTRA approved and qualified.

Depending on the specific circumstance we have HIAB lorry offload and crane placement or articulated lorry transport with forklift installation of the temporary concrete safety barriers.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about the following:

  • Concrete Barriers (Hire or Purchase)
  • Highway and Roadside Barrier
  • TVCB's
  • Delta Blocks
  • Concrete Blockades
Protecting vacant sites is our business and we know it well.


BarriersConcrete Barriers, Hire, Purchase, Roadside, Highway - UK
Concrete BarrierConcrete Barriers, Hire, Purchase, Roadside, Highway - UK